Chuck & Nancy Steadfast As “Unprecedented” Invasion Continues


The two buffoonish congressional leaders are out and about spreading propaganda. They want to take away from the fact that they are letting our country get overrun by anonymous people. Some of these people are criminals, terrorists, and deadbeats. All are lawbreakers.

Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released a joint statement about the “Trump shutdown”. It’s really the Schumer and Pelosi Shutdown. They are the ones who will NOT negotiate at all. The only deal they will make favors Democrats and keeps a wall from being built.

Pelosi and Schumer said President Trump must “come to his senses”. They want him to sign their bill into law. The president has insisted he is not about to sign anything that does not include funding for a border wall, or fence.

Democrats are offering the same garbage they always offer.


President Trump has invited the two to the White House for a wall briefing Wednesday. It will be the day before Nancy takes office.

The invite comes after House Democrats released their plan to re-open the government without approving money for a border wall. They will unveil two bills to fund shuttered government agencies and put hundreds of thousands of federal workers back on the job. They planned to pass them as soon as the new Congress convened Thursday.

The Democrats will vote on a bipartisan package of six Senate spending bills and a stopgap measure to re-open the Department of Homeland Security until February 8. The temporary measure would maintain the current $1.3 billion in border security money. It can be used for fencing and repairs of current barriers — not new fences.

McConnell said he won’t move ahead on any legislation until the President signs off on it.

It’s just propaganda by the Dems to show they care about their union folk.


Trump has been mocking Pelosi. He stated accurately that Democrats “do not care about Open Borders and all of the crime and drugs that Open Borders bring!”

These two have to know that the border agents are sending 50 sick people, mostly children, to the hospital EVERY DAY. The Democrats are responsible for this. Democrats and their leftist judges have opened the borders. Anything they say about wanting border security is a lie.

For them to say walls don’t work and are medieval is absurd, even on the face of it.


A top agent for Border Patrol, Roy Villareal, confirmed the influx of foreigners from many countries.

It’s “UNPRECEDENTED,” and he has never seen anything like it. The majority of arrests are from China, India, Bangladesh, and Central America.

As far as a border wall, he says walls do work.

Think about this. People who make it into the country are released and protected in U.S.  sanctuaries.



An official with the Center for Immigration Studies published a report about the foreigners coming in from all over the world. He found hundreds of Middle Easterners — some from terrorist hellholes like Iran — in Panama heading for the United States.

Panama and Costa Rica have a policy called “CONTROLLED FLOW”. They take the migrants from around the world, care for them until they get them on buses to the United States.

The agents are pulling terrorists off these lines of people quite frequently.




  1. Does it matter what the proposed barrier is called? To make the DIMM’s happy call it a fence. To make the Republicans and the President happy call it a wall. You may call it a turnip for all I care. Build a barrier 30 feet tall with spikes on the top and electrified. Not only am I wanting to stop illegal Central Americans and Mexicans, I want to stop Chinese, Pakistanies, Russians and who ever else is trying to come in illegally.

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