Before Biden’s Putin Pipeline Giveaway, He Got $ From a Top Russia Lobbyist


Joe Biden and his allies raked in campaign cash from a top Russia lobbyist in 2020, just months before his administration’s decision to scrap sanctions on a controversial firm building a Russian oil pipeline to Germany.

FEC records show Richard Burt, a managing partner at McLarty Associates and a former U.S. ambassador to Germany during the Reagan administration, ponied up $4,000 for Joe Biden in October 2020 and dropped another $10,000 into the lefty-aligned political action committee Unite The Country in March 2020.

In addition to violating Biden’s own campaign pledge not to take lobbyist dough, the money from Burt is particularly noteworthy because he is currently directly engaged in lobbying activities for Nord Stream 2 AG.

A Democrat National Committee spokesman claimed, “When Richard Burt donated to the Biden Victory Fund, he failed to acknowledge that he was a registered foreign agent, and was therefore ineligible to contribute.”  He continued, “Because Burt also listed a different employer than on his [Foreign Agents Registration Act] registration, he was not flagged during our vetting process.”

Gee, they only had 8 months to figure it out.

Isn’t this the kind of “alleged behavior” that caused all kinds of problems for  Lt. General Michael Flynn?  Actually, as opposed to Flynn, Burt’s transgressions seem eminently clear.

According to the State Department, the Switzerland-based Nord Stream 2 — controlled by an ex-East German Stasi officer and close ally of Vladimir Putin — is currently engaging in sanctionable activity. Team Biden raised eyebrows, however, after declining to enforce sanctions put in place by President Trump.  They cited U.S. national interests.

The DNC said it returned the cash.  That “gesture” came about a week after Biden bent his knee to Vladimir Putin.

Here’s a question.  How long will it be before we see Hunter on the Nord Stream 2’s board, and would it really matter? Probably not.  The corrupt, compliant, partisan media will still be swooning over Joe eating ice cream.

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