Before Trump’s Arraignment, NYC Mayor Says “Control Yourselves”


New York City is a Black Lives Matter and Antifa city, yet, Mayor Eric Adams felt the need to tell Marjorie Taylor Greene to behave herself. He suggested that right-wing radicals were coming to town to stir up trouble.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell held a briefing Monday before Donald Trump’s arraignment.

Control yourselves,” Adams said disrespectfully at City Hall. “New York City is our home, not a playground for your misplaced anger. We are the safest large city in America because we respect the rule of law in New York City.

No Threats But We Don’t Like Marjorie Taylor Greene

“And although we have no specific threats, people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known to spread misinformation and hate speech, says she’s coming to town. While you in town, be on your best behavior. As always, we will not allow violence or vandalism of any kind. And if one is caught participating in any act of violence, they will be arrested and held accountable no matter who you are.”

“As you all know and all aware, Donald Trump will be in New York City tonight through tomorrow. His presence is expected to draw a lot of attention from media, spectators, and protesters alike,” Deputy Mayor Philip Banks said at the press conference happening at City Hall. “New York City, as always, will be prepared.

They Don’t Tolerate Criminal Behavior? That’s New!

“The NYPD and our entire public safety apparatus always prepared. We are working closely with all of our partners to ensure everyone’s safety tomorrow.

“And we are asking for the public’s help as well in maintaining a safe environment that allows New Yorkers to continue their day-to-day lives with minimal interruption and is always neither dangerous nor criminal behavior will be tolerated.”

[Emphasis added]

No Republican is going to ‘misbehave’ in this far-left city. It reminds me of when Mayor Adams hired his brother to monitor the white supremacists. There are NO white supremacists is New York City.

Can Donald Trump get a fair trial in New York City?
March against Trump, NYC, 2016

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