Beheaded Babies Can and Will Happen Here with Open Borders


While we witness in real time what terrorism means, as Israel fights for its life, our Democrat administration, assisted by a do-nothing Republican party, is allowing people from all over the world to come in without any vetting. Most are able-bodied military-age men without women or children. Why do you think they are coming?

It’s madness on our part.

Bloodied room of an Israeli child

For the past two years, thousands of special interest aliens from Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol agents attempting to illegally cross the US southern border.

This is according to Customs and Border Protection data.

Special interest aliens are foreign nationals from countries identified by the US government as fostering or protecting terrorism or posing a potential hazard to national security.

The figures don’t include encounters at the ports of entry or the gotaways. The gotaways are the really bad people.

Since October 1, 2021. To October 4, 2023, CBP reports the following have entered the country: Syria: 538 Yemen: 139 Iran: 659 Iraq: 123 Afghanistan: 6,386 Lebanon: 164 Egypt: 3,153 Pakistan: 1,613 Mauritania: 15,594 Uzbekistan: 13,624 Turkey: 30,830.

Will the American left and some do-nothings on the right finally wake up? What will it take? All the dead and suffering youth resulting from drugs from across the border did nothing. The increased crime didn’t matter. Will the reality of terrorism in Israel wake us up?

Also alarming is a report by Paul Sperry that the Council on American Islamic Relations, a terror-tied organization, has helped Palestinians come through the border with Venezuelans. Sperry says that because Palestine is not a country, they cannot be deported [not that Biden would deport them anyway].

“Council on American-Islamic Relations has been helping illegal PALESTINIAN migrants after entering the U.S. through Arizona to stay inside America. They are traveling with migrants from Venezuela. Since “Palestine” is not a recognized country by the U.S., they cannot be deported,” says Sperry.

We don’t know if Sperry is correct, but it is likely based on the organization’s history.

Do you want to see what’s happening in Israel happen here? Raping of women, beheadings of babies, mass slaughter? The best way to guarantee that is to have open borders while threatening war against lunatics throughout the world.

It can happen here, and it will unless action is taken.

Babies with their heads cut off, and dismembered.

The lunacy of the hardcore leftists:

Stop calling them freedom fighters. They’re psychopathic terrorists, and some have most definitely come to America.

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