Pope Francis’s Wrong Again, Wrong on Israel


Pope Francis thinks the world will end over climate change and hates the thought of anyone making a profit. He doesn’t like conservatives, the most God-fearing of Catholics, and he doesn’t seem to like America or individual freedoms. To me, that’s not being a good Catholic. He also drew false equivalency between Israel and Palestinian Hamas. That’s dangerous.

He only seems to like poor people. I found in my various jobs that there are good and bad rich people, good and bad poor people, and good and bad middle-class people.

But Bill O’Reilly says the Pope’s a great religious man, so maybe I’m wrong.

Pope Francis doesn’t like capitalism or anything I believe in. He seems to border on heresy from the doctrine I’ve been taught in school. I personally was raised in two religions, Catholic and Dutch Reform. He looks like a heretic in both to me.

The Pope is so deeply concerned about climate change, yet I haven’t heard him say a word about China, and they’re building coal plants every week or two. Maybe he’s afraid of them, or maybe he’s afraid of what they’ll do to their people. It’s hard to say.

The US emits more carbon and uses more energy than many nations, but also produces more and shares more with the world. We have cleaner energy than the rest of the world. Ironically, his extreme take on climate change is hurting the poorest among us. Africa would do much better with a better system of energy. So what are the leftists doing? What is the Pope saying? He’s telling them not to use fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, no one seems to care that China emits two times more greenhouse gases than America. We still pretend they’re a developing nation, letting them get away with a lot.

Pope Francis is aligned with the most radical of leftists, especially regarding the environment. They are people who want to engineer us, de-populate us, sterilize us, abort us, and tell us to have one child per family. That doesn’t sound very Catholic.

If only we could have John Paul II or Pope Benedict back.

America is not holding back the poor of the world. We’ve helped make the world better with advanced technology. Capitalism isn’t holding anyone back; it’s the best system so far in that it gives the greatest number of people a better life than any other system. It becomes a problem when greed takes over, but that’s true of any economic system.

Instead of abandoning technology and energy, we can use it to improve the environment. The US is going to go to full electrification of everything. It will take a long time, if ever, before solar and wind can take over. Electrification would also force us to rely on China for everything, which is a very bad idea. One has to wonder how the Pope could be so ignorant, but then again, so many people are.


That brings me to the situation with Israel. Pope Francis, along with a Jewish Patriarch, is calling for peace.

Speaking to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square for his Oct. 8 Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis said, “I am following with apprehension and pain what is happening in Israel, where violence has exploded even more ferociously, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries.”

“I express my closeness to the families of the victims. I pray for them and for all those who are experiencing hours of terror and of anguish,” he said.

He begged both sides to “please stop the attacks and weapons and understand that terrorism and war do not lead to any solution, but only to the death and suffering of many innocent people.”

“War is a defeat. Every war is always a defeat,” he said and asked the faithful to join him in praying for peace in Israel and Palestine. Why does he refuse to call out Palestinian Hamas, who butchered people and plan to do more if not stopped?”

Prime Minister Netanyahu had to declare war to go into Gaza and kill the beast.

Pope Francis seems to be missing the point. Israel was attacked, and they are defending themselves and ensuring it never happens again. There’s no equivalency here.

Red Francis

Pope Francis and church leaders in the Holy Land call for calm and international intervention to prevent further bloodshed.

At the same time, Israel’s embassy to the Holy See has warned the Vatican to avoid what it described as “linguistic ambiguities” and “parallelisms” that would equate the aggressors in the conflict with its victims.

There is a big difference in how Israel goes to war and Hamas, a terrorist organization, goes to war. Israel is giving them warnings before they bomb, and they’re hitting Hamas offices and residences. Hamas is committing war crimes, raping, slaughtering, beheading, killing children in front of parents, and beheading babies in front of parents. They burned people alive. The IDF found 40 dead babies, some beheaded. Children, the elderly, and others were found beheaded.

Young women and girls who were held hostage were repeatedly gang-raped. Over 1,000 Israelis were slaughtered in a country of only nine million.

This is genocidal terror.

At least 44 foreigners were murdered, that we know of.

Israel is still under attack from the north and south, and this Pope wants a ceasefire. Sorry, but I don’t think that makes sense.

The Pope is too involved in politics. He takes the side of the worst. I love my religion, but I’m not listening to him. He’s fallible.

Oh, by the way, Black Lives Matter put out a pledge of support for Palestinians. This is as Palestinian Hamas slaughters innocent people.

The US should butt out, however, they probably won’t. Other than providing weapons, Israel should handle this.

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