Belgium’s Globalist Government Blows Up Over U.N. Global Migration Pact


Charles Michel

The globalist capital of the world watched their government collapse over the U.N. global migration pact that they signed in Marrakesh. Prime Minister Charles Michel resigned after one of the four members of his coalition pact left.

The New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), the largest party in the alliance, withdrew over the P.M.’s signing of the sovereignty-ending U.N. Global Migration Pact.

The Pact establishes migration — illegal immigration — as a ‘human right,’ and it seeks to make it illegal to speak against it. The pact’s opponents say those are lies, but it is the only direction this pact can take given the way it’s written.

Most countries have signed it. The U.S. has not. Austria and Hungary haven’t signed. While France has signed, many are unhappy about it. Italy will let Parliament sign and the ruling government will not.

The U.N. only wants to see migrants treated with kindness. They say that as they help lead an invasion into the U.S. by people from all over the world.

When Michel failed to establish a minority administration, he tendered his resignation to the King. Michel will run a “caretaker” government until a new administration takes over.

Michel’s government was an experiment combining the Flemish and the French wings.

The two largest Flemish parties have wildly increased membership over the decision.


It’s unheard of, but the anti-globalists are growing into a formidable force in the belly of the globalist beast.

When combined, the conservative New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and the populist Vlaams Belang now account for a massive 42 percent of the vote in Flanders according to a poll released by Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad earlier this week Le Soir reports.

Both parties are anti-illegal immigration.

Several thousand of the Vlaams Belang, a right-wing party, protested/rioted this month over the pact.

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