Lib Lawyer Says Dems Lost Their Values, Have Nothing When Trump’s Gone


Liberal George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley wonders where the real Democrat Party is since their entire identity revolves around Donald Trump. Trump has consumed the Democrats who have abandoned the values they believed in, he said.

What will be left of the party when Trump leaves, he wonders?

That is certainly true of cable news. They are done when he is done and good riddance to them. All they talk about is the President.


“I grew up in a staunchly Democratic family in Chicago, and the Democratic Party used to represent something,” Turley said. “But what we’ve seen is the last two years is that they’ve become the inverse image of Donald Trump — that this obsession is really worthy of Melville. It’s this all-consuming effort, which is beginning to erode what defines the Democrats. And what happens when Donald Trump leaves office? What is left of your party?”

It’s “mystifying,” he said.

“If you take a look at the last year, it’s really mystifying. You know, when we were dealing with the FBI material that the Congress was seeking to release to the public, the FBI redacted a huge amount of that material, and many of us said, look, this is part of a pattern with the FBI,” he declared. “They often over-classify. It is often to protect themselves from embarrassment, not national security. And yet the Democrats said no, no you just have to accept what the FBI is saying about classification.”


The featured image is by Antonio Branco at Net Right Daily

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