Ben & Jerry Tells Kids “to Ride Bikes Naked for Climate Change”


Ben and Jerry of Ice Cream fame have a new ad telling children to become radical leftists like them. It gives them tips on how to do it. That includes marching for Marxist social justice and riding bikes naked.

There is also some creepy pandering. They need to sell ice cream and shut up.

It’s time to Bud Light, these people.

I can’t stand these two anti-American jerks and I haven’t bought their ice cream in years.

The ad is getting a lot of negative feedback, but the two commies, Ben and Jerry, don’t care.

Dinesh D’Souza wrote on X: Ben & Jerry’s just released a new ad, somehow they’ve become even MORE progressive. Does the woke left have any shame?

Nick Adams wrote: I have been boycotting Ben & Jerry’s for years, and after this disgusting ad, I am renewing my boycott again today. If you consume woke ice cream, go ahead and block me now!

Dr. Eli David wrote: I’d rather have a Bud Light than Ben & Jerry’s Go woke, go broke.

“Not that I know anyone still eating Ben and Jerry’s, but just reminding y’all to never buy their ice cream again,” wrote Laura Scanlon.

Tim Young made a good point. “Ben & Jerry’s said we lived on stolen land last 4th of July… But has yet to give their own land back to the Native Americans who used to live on it. Funny how that happens.”

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