Ben Shapiro admits he was wrong — he’s voting for Donald Trump


After ripping President Trump for years and announcing very publicly that he wouldn’t vote for him in 2016, Ben Shapiro admits he was wrong — for the most part.  Like Erick Erickson, another Trump hater, he will vote for Trump.

His reasons are threefold.

“First, I was simply wrong about Donald Trump on policy. Second, I wasn’t really wrong about Donald Trump on character, but whatever damage he was going to do, he’s already done, and it’s not going to help if I don’t vote for him this time,” he argued. “And third, most importantly, the Democrats have lost their f—ing minds.”

He should make number three number one. As for character, why do so many people appoint themselves judges of peoples’ character?

Shapiro praised the Trump administration’s handling of tax reform, foreign policy, national security, and pro-life issues.

“I thought he would not be conservative in his governance,” Shapiro said. “I was just wrong on that.”

He also credited the president for becoming “the first president of my lifetime not to start any new wars.”

Shapiro said Democrats and the mainstream media have become a party of “radicalism” and “must not be allowed the mechanisms of power”.

“I have been very clear on my feelings about Donald Trump’s character. I have serious reservations to say the least…,” said Shapiro, but “you don’t have to like Trump’s character, you don’t have to love his Twitter account to vote for him. You don’t have to approve of the crazy or bad things that he says or the way he often acts.”

“But,” Shapiro concluded, “if you care about the Constitution, and economic freedom, and the security of the United States, you really don’t have a whole hell of a lot of choice. You should vote for Trump.”

He finally accepts the obvious. You don’t have to like President Trump to vote for him. Who the Hell cares about his personality? Would people rather vote for a crook who doesn’t tweet badly? Choose policies, choose freedom. Democrats have no respect for your freedoms and plan to take them away.

It’s great that he’s changed his mind, and hopefully, a lot of other never Trumpers get it too.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

His poor judgement shows that he is not a good source of insight, and never will be.

He went beyond awful judgement. He participated in vindictive acts, such as supporting the hoax that the Trump campaign manager had pushed a female reporter down.

Eric the Constitionalist
Eric the Constitionalist
3 years ago

I don’t like Mr. Trump ‘s some personalities too,for instance he really needs to stop being conceited and arrogant,and start understanding how important modesty and prudence is

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
3 years ago

The more high and mighty, the greater the fall.

These people Oh So Full of themselves, thinking they are so damned smart.
I REALLY do not know what Ben means by damages Trump has done … the only things Trump has damaged are the DC Swamp Rats, the INCREDIBLY CORRUPT MSM, and, of course, the president’s exposure of the SERIOUS Mentally Deranged among the Democrats.

OH, and he’s also exposed those among Republican Elites we count as the Great Betrayers.

Millions of us knew Trump was the right man for the right time THE DAY HE CAME DOWN THE ESCALATOR. Many millions more knew as soon as Donald Trump started publicly, COURAGEOUSLY speaking Truth To Power in his first months of candidacy.

Seems the TV talking heads have nearly as good of a racket as weather forecasters… where you can be chronically WRONG and still pull in the big bucks.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner

Shapiro’s words are stated towards what furthers his career more, nothing else. He wants to move up in the media world, and his best act is the conservative one. He is not credible. If Shapiro is successful in his effort to get to the top, he will be someone like Wallace.