Bernie Kerik Turns Over Memos That Show NO Insurrection


Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik turned memos over to the J6 witch hunt committee which show that President Trump and his team engaged in a 10-day pressure campaign last December to prod governors and state legislators into investigating allegations of Election 2020 irregularities, Just the News reports.

Big deal!

The strategy included “protests” at governors’ mansions and the personal homes of politicians ranging from secretaries of states and “weak” congressional members in key battleground states, the memos show.

They make clear that the efforts by the then-President and his team was to get “support for hearings” to probe allegations of voting irregularities Trump’s team had received but not vetted.

Language in the memos even shows that the legal team, led by former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and assisted by an investigative and research team led by Kerik, was open to the possibility that there were not enough irregularities to change the outcome of Biden winning.

Doesn’t sound like an insurrection, does it?

One goal was to find “what works to prove the elections numbers are right or wrong,” stated a strategy memo that laid out an action plan for the period between Dec. 27, 2020, and Jan. 6, 2021.

“We Have 10 Days To Execute This Plan & Certify President Trump!” the memo declared.

While the team expressed confidence Trump would be declared the winner if the allegations were investigated, the strategy was primarily focused on getting legitimate probes started in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, the memos show.

There was no suggestion of insurrection.

Kerik’s lawyer wrote in a cover letter with the documents that the evidence his client turned over provided a far more nuanced portrait of a team that cataloged a long list of unvetted election allegations. They simply wanted them formally investigated before the final vote was certified on Jan. 6.

“While I appreciate the partisan interests in constantly repeating phrases such as the ‘Big Lie’ or ‘false claims of election fraud,’ the reality is that the claims of election fraud were never fully investigated,” Attorney Timothy Parlatore wrote the committee.

“Without a proper investigation, it is impossible for anyone to state with certainty either that President Biden stole the election through widespread fraud, or that President Trump promoted false claims of election fraud,” he added.

The entire ‘insurrection” idea was a complete fabrication and an obvious one. Why do people fall for it?


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