Bernie takes the lead in New Hampshire, tied in Iowa polling


Crazy Bernie Sanders, a communist who is giving everything away for free, is in a first-place tie in Iowa with two other far-left candidates, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. All three are at 23%, and each would get a similar number of delegates out of the caucuses if they were to take place today, according to the CBS News Battleground Tracker.

Sanders has a narrow lead over Biden in New Hampshire.

Elizabeth Warren is trailing in New Hampshire since November, as liberal/leftist voters have moved toward Sanders instead.

Nearly half of Bernie’s voters have made up their minds to vote for him — that’s how lost some voters are. Voters for Buttigieg and Biden have mostly not made up their minds.

Bernie is allegedly leading with college students, Blacks, and Independents over the other Democrats.

In the Morning Consult poll, Hispanics also go for Bernie more than any other candidate.

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