Bernie & the Squad Plan the Biden-Harris Presidency


During an online video conference with the four radical “Squad” congresswomen on Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders laid out his vision on how to move the country forward with a progressive [communist] agenda.

Sanders, a self-described democrat socialist [who is really a communist], posted a video clip to his Twitter page over the weekend. He discussed his agenda with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

His first goal is to defeat Trump and the Squad smiled with satisfaction and nodded upon hearing the comment. He sees that as only a beginning.

As we reported Friday, Biden’s “proposals are a lot stronger now than they were in the primary.” Sanders praised Ocasio-Cortez for doing a “great job” on Biden’s climate change task force.

We can just imagine.

The proposals aren’t strong enough as far as Bernie’s concerned.

He noted that Biden has his own healthcare plan, but said they are going to introduce “Medicare for All,” and claimed that “a majority of the people support us.”

Biden is almost there already. He wants to offer a public option to everyone. If he does, personal insurance is over. Everyone will take or have to take the public plan. Biden is also going to offer it to every illegal alien.

Sanders said they’re not giving up on Climate Change either, nor on his extreme criminal justice or open borders immigration.

“We organize our people to make sure that Biden becomes the most progressive president since FDR,” Sanders vowed.


Ocasio-Cortez chimed in, explaining “how we’re going to achieve our agenda moving forward… by normalizing bringing the ruckus on the Democratic Party. Because that was not seen as ok for a long time. It was taboo for a long time.”

O-Cortez added, “Every one of us got our seats by challenging the Democratic establishment. And now from a grassroots perspective, people are realizing we can put the fire on our own Party. It doesn’t have to just be Republicans. In that way, we prevent the rightward drift of the Democratic Party, and it’s really completely reset the idea of one’s relationship with the Party that they vote for.”

She touted that their efforts have “reset people’s political imagination of not only what we can achieve but how we achieve it.”

“Some people ask what an old Jewish white guy has in common with young women of color like @AOC@AyannaPressley@IlhanMN, and @RashidaTlaib. We understand each other. We come from working-class backgrounds. And we’re going to go forward together,” Sanders declared in a Twitter post, as he shared the video clip from their conference.


Apparently, Bernie has twenty other communists on board:

People really should look at the Biden-Sanders manifesto before they vote tomorrow unless they voted already.

Here is what is in the manifesto:


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

Gee! Imagine that. Who,da thought???