Bernie will mandate taxpayers fund abortions on day 1 of his presidency


On Day 1 of ‘a Bernie Sanders presidency,’ he will make every American fund the evil Planned Parenthood. He doesn’t care what you believe or what goes against your principles or your God. Americans will have nothing to say about it. That’s what dictators do.

If he can mandate Americans can pay for abortions, he can mandate Americans paying for anything and everything as he so orders.

The Washington Post reviewed an internal campaign document from the Sanders campaign, which shows overturning President Trump’s pro-life policy is one of the first things he will do as president. Sanders would immediately sign an executive order to that effect.

During President Trump’s first week in office, he issued an executive order known as the Mexico City Polity or the Protecting Life in Global  Health Assistance Act. It revoked taxpayer funding to the International Planned Parenthood abortion industry. It affected nine billion dollars of taxpayer funding to foreign non-governmental agencies.

Even if you are supportive of abortion, why should taxpayers fund a private business that makes enough money to survive very nicely on its own, much less for the world?

The policy ensures U.S. funds continue to go to health care, humanitarian relief, and even family planning; it only blocks funding to those groups like IPPF that perform or promote abortion in other nations. Ultimately, that cost Planned Parenthood’s international abortion company $100 million.

Since that order, the Trump administration has expanded it to cover additional foreign funding – disqualifying the abortion giant from other taxpayer revenue streams. We also no longer work with NGOs who are in the abortion business.

Sanders has a perfect abortion record and believes in killing the unborn until the moment of birth for any reason. He believes every taxpayer must pay for it as he has determined it is a constitutional right.

He has argued for more abortions as a means of population control:


Bernie will tell you he represents the majority as he inflicts his dictatorial orders, but he doesn’t. Polls show the majority want stricter controls over the killing of the unborn.

We now have Governor Northam explaining how babies are left to die if they survive an abortion.

That is morally sick. We do believe Bernie would have no problem with that. There will be no end to what the government will mandate under an authoritarian Democrat.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

We should not be in the business of population control,