Joe Biden Doesn’t Know When He Was Last Elected


The Democrat’s top candidate, Joe Biden, doesn’t know when he was last elected.
At a Marshalltown, Iowa campaign event, Joe Biden was recounting waiting for Obama to pick him up to head to the inauguration in “January of 2012, actually 2013, no wait a minute, we got elected in 2012, 2010 or 13.”

Why did he pick an odd year?

Democrats want to force this man down our throats and into the White House.

He’s too mentally old. It’s not just that he is old; it’s that his mind has left the stage. Biden is also a man who has put on a Mr. Nice Guy routine for years while lying and acting every bit the political charlatan. Let us never forget his plagiarism antics and his constant lies about his heroic exploits.

To say nothing of the fact that he wants to fundamentally transform the United States with “non-stop immigration” as he explained in 2015. He wants people of white European descent to be a minority for some reason:

He’s also a bully:

Here he is as articulate as he can be and that’s not much:

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