Best brief explanation of Critical Race Theory


In September 2020, Ray Sanchez, a faculty coordinator for Madera College, put up a good summary of Critical Race Theory, which grew out of Critical Theory. We wanted to share it with you here from Minding the Campus dot org.


Critical Race Theory is a worldview that interprets everything through the lens of social and political power dynamics.  It is an all-encompassing vision that views all cultural, political, and social institutions as oppressive and requires explicit and continuous anti-racism “work” to mete out its vision for a liberated humanity.

It is a race-focused ideology which necessitates good works—a faith plus works if you will, and the only meritorious work is anti-racist work.

In other words, it isn’t just a tool that describes the intersection of power, privilege, race, and racism. It is, at base, an overarching eschatological philosophy that claims that an oppressor group is tyrannizing or minoritizing an oppressed group and explicitly stipulates that “work” is required to change (i.e., deconstruct) society and Western institutions.

[Everything is seen through the prism of race. The group with the power is tyrannizing the group without the power].

Mr. Sanchez then goes on to explain the essential ingredient of CRT: New Racism. Racism is no longer merely prejudice and discrimination based on race—that is Old Racism. New Racism has two primary components: institutional power and systems of privilege (or disadvantage) based on race.

The rest is reworded for brevity but you should go back and read the author’s excellent wording and explanation.


Institutional Power

In terms of ‘institutional power,’ it means one group has the power and of necessity oppresses the other. Whites do hold the power because the Founding was based on European and Judeo-Christian philosophy, and there are more whites. However, this ideology claims all whites oppress blacks whether they know it or not.

So, you end up with “systemic racism,” “whiteness,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and that leads to putting all white Europeans in ONE BIG AMORPHOUS class — racists.

Blacks can’t be racist because they’re the oppressed people. All whites are the oppressors.

No matter what class the person is in, blacks are always disadvantaged and whites are always privileged (forget about rich football players, the former black president, and poor whites in the hills of Tennessee).

Race Privilege

Privilege is synonymous with white privilege. It’s a vague, all-encompassing term to mean every good thing a white person has, earned or not.

The society is based on white norms so whites ordered it all. [That explains why they think math is racist and why they want to abandon tests and grades.]

This is how they come up with systemic racism. It’s all those white norms — competition, meritocracy, all of it.

So, racism, according to CRT is baked into the cake and it must all be overturned. They call that anti-racism, but it’s actually neo-racism.

A cure for this is equity — giving black and brown people superior advantages, give them the power, and teach all of the children this ideology.


Libertarian economics scholar, Thomas Sowell said the claims of “systemic racism” and “oppression” remind him of the Goebbels propaganda in the age of the Nazis. It has no meaning. As Goebbels proposed, people will believe anything if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.

Sowell said he couldn’t believe it could get as bad as it has in this country with people repeating utter nonsense.

We are heading that way since people are caving, not fighting.

He calls CRT “revenge society” or “racism under new management.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is seeping into government, education, science, corporations, and it includes intersectionality*, another abomination.

Also, you can’t just have black or brown skin, you have to think black, which means everything non-white.


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