Brilliant black professor on Critical Race Theory — “revenge society,” “racism under new management”


A White House memo, we reported about earlier, calls for a ban on federal agencies conducting training on “critical race theory,” and “white privilege” with taxpayer dollars.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is seeping into government, education, science, corporations, and it includes intersectionality*, another abomination.


Watch the explanation of the theory by Dr. Thomas Sowell in the clip below. Critical Race Theory was developed by Derrick Bell, Barack Obama’s mentor.

Sowell said Bell himself knew he had no business serving as a professor at the Harvard Law School. That’s according to Professor Sowell. It ended up giving him the choice of being a nobody among all these accomplished individuals or doing his own thing. “Unfortunately, he chose the low road,” Dr. Sowell said.

By black, Bell, the father of CRT, doesn’t mean skin color. He means people who also think black as he defines it. He’s an idealist but you could say that “about Hitler in his early days.”

Bell has a “totalitarian mindset” — he has an” ideological intolerance.”

Referencing both Bell and Obama, Sowell said they believe in “a revenge society” — it’s “very ugly,” Sowell said. Bell was against racism once, but now he wants racism “under new management.” That makes it “particularly ugly” for Bell, Sowell concluded.

Sowell doesn’t think racism is systemic and unabated but there are black leaders who will have nothing without racism.

Sowell really lays it out here:


An Ohio group called, ‘We the People Convention or WTPC, pulled together all the tea party and 912 groups in Ohio years ago to communicate with each other.

They have a great convention every year.

When Trump ran in 2016, the Republican party of Ohio would not let their canvassers carry Trump’s material to their door-knocking assignments.

So, the WTPC teamed up with the NRA in Ohio to get Trump elected. The National Republican Party ended up not using the Ohio State Republican Party for their electioneering but relied on the NRA and the WTPC network throughout the state.

They are now working on this issue.

The President’s order to root out this training in all executive agencies states:

“It has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date ‘training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda,” Vought wrote in a letter to the heads of executive departments and agencies.

Citing press reports that agencies have conducted training where employees are told that “virtually all white people contribute to racism” or that racism is “embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity,” Vought said training of that nature “run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our nation has stood since its inception.”

IT IS AN “EXISTENTIAL THREAT” (This Marxist indoctrination in government started under Obama by the way):

Read the Order here:

M-20-34 by Johannah Winter on Scribd


Intersectionality is defined as the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. It is ”through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us.”

Not all feminists who are white are white feminists, according to the theory, but most white feminists are white. I would have said all white feminists were white.

If you’re not confused yet, here is the definition of white feminism:

It is a brand of feminism centered around the ideals and struggles of primarily white women. While not outright exclusive, its failure to consider other women and its preoccupation with Western standards and the problems faced by the “average woman” is often alienating to women of color, non-straight women, trans women, and women belonging to religious or cultural minorities.

White people don’t have to think about race on a daily basis. [No one does baby]

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2 years ago

beware, the American people !according to my many years of observation,some certain country across the Pacific ocean,which i am currently resided in,which i won’t openly say its name ,and which is your New Cold War opponent,have been consciously aware of the hard lessons of the collapse of their USSR predecessors and consciously avoiding the mistakes made by the USSR,they are totally different ,they are more dangerous,yet still they have the same goal as the USSR,which is to bring down the USA ,this has been the case ever since the 1950s ,you should NEVER get fooled by the seemingly true but in fact false illusions ! And one of their strategy to achieve this goal is to mimic what the West did to bring down the USSR , to culturally and ideologically infiltrate your country ,to gradually change the ideas of your younger generation to the following: Denying the founding ideology of your country,magnifying and exaggerating the negative pages in your country’s history such as slavery and so called Indian Massacre,to agitate ethnic and racial animosity and conflict ,their final goal is to make the USA so politically ,ideologically and ethnicly divided that the USA might disintegrate like the USSR,this is exactly what the West did to the USSR in the 80s and 90s ,they are good copy cats and indeed good learners throughout their history ,this is even in the Master Sun’s 《Art of War》,you American people have to be very serious about this,never take anything for granted ,the Second Cold War is going to be very tough and USA now have a very high chance of losing it ,you are facing a very very dangerous opponent,wake the fk up

2 years ago

Thomas Sowell is one of the philosophical treasures of America. I respect him totally.

2 years ago

God bless Sowell have 6 of his books.

2 years ago

CRT is designed to bring about the raail violence we are witnessing today. 90% of whites will reject it as i tdoes not reflect the relaity they expereince. Unfortunatley, black san dother minorities will us eit to rationalize innate racial diferences as oppression by whites.

2 years ago

Thomas Sowell and Donald Trump see the danger in whipping up this racist division. Thank God for their awareness.

Mike Ham
Mike Ham
2 years ago
Reply to  bep777

I want the name of the deep state bureaucrat that imposed this on federal agencies.

Jon Lorensen
Jon Lorensen
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Ham

It’s easy. Soros, Obama, Eric Holder. These are some of the faces. They don’t have to hide necessarily. Some are just part of the background.