Best Clip of the Violent Alt-Left Riot at Trump Phoenix Rally


President Trump spoke to his supporters in Phoenix Tuesday night while thousands representing as many as 14 leftist groups protested and rioted outside [according to the MSM, your spot for fake news]. Many had bought tickets and then didn’t show in order to affect Trump’s crowd size.

The media is blaming the President but they should blame themselves. They hate the President so much that they are encouraging the violence and hate at these events. The Democrats and media will not condemn the violence of the left.

The best shot of the night came however when a violent alt-left rioter was hit in the nuts by police with what appears to be a rubber bullet or gas canister after he kicked a tear gas can back at them.

You can watch in slow motion.


Members of the leftist John Brown Gun Club Phoenix Chapter showed up to the Phoenix rally Tuesday evening armed with AR-15’s and bullet proof vests. They claimed they were in Phoenix to protect protesters from white supremacists.

There were thousands of alt-left outside the venue and many attacked police. Police had to use tear gas and pepper spray.

Jeri L. Williams, the chief of the Phoenix Police Department, said at a news conference late Tuesday night that officers were attacked with bottles, rocks, and tear gas, and that two officers were being treated for heat exhaustion at a hospital.

She disputed the suggestion that officers were overly aggressive, saying they responded with tear gas and so-called pepper balls, which emit pepper spray, only after they were assaulted.

Trump supporters were attacked as they left. One black Trump supporter was punched in the face and called a Nazi.

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