Best Clip of the Violent Alt-Left Riot at Trump Phoenix Rally


President Trump spoke to his supporters in Phoenix Tuesday night while thousands representing as many as 14 leftist groups protested and rioted outside [according to the MSM, your spot for fake news]. Many had bought tickets and then didn’t show in order to affect Trump’s crowd size.

The media is blaming the President but they should blame themselves. They hate the President so much that they are encouraging the violence and hate at these events. The Democrats and media will not condemn the violence of the left.

The best shot of the night came however when a violent alt-left rioter was hit in the nuts by police with what appears to be a rubber bullet or gas canister after he kicked a tear gas can back at them.

You can watch in slow motion.


Members of the leftist John Brown Gun Club Phoenix Chapter showed up to the Phoenix rally Tuesday evening armed with AR-15’s and bullet proof vests. They claimed they were in Phoenix to protect protesters from white supremacists.

There were thousands of alt-left outside the venue and many attacked police. Police had to use tear gas and pepper spray.

Jeri L. Williams, the chief of the Phoenix Police Department, said at a news conference late Tuesday night that officers were attacked with bottles, rocks, and tear gas, and that two officers were being treated for heat exhaustion at a hospital.

She disputed the suggestion that officers were overly aggressive, saying they responded with tear gas and so-called pepper balls, which emit pepper spray, only after they were assaulted.

Trump supporters were attacked as they left. One black Trump supporter was punched in the face and called a Nazi.


  1. Soros, directly funding 187 organizations, their goal: create civil war, Marshall Law, take Trump down, Destroy America. Soros’ new initiative, “Democracy Spring.”
    Some months ago, Putin issued an International arrest warrant for Soros. Lets wrap him up, put a bow on it, send the SOB to Moscow

  2. There was one common theme that many Trump supporters stated was the relationship of the KKK to the Democrat party. Both Sacks and the person behind the camera were astonished as these statements. They could and would not believe it. Of course these days no one in media studies or researches history because if they were to do so their entire world view would crash. In the 1920’s the Klan numbered in the millions and this is when the South became predominantly Democrat.

    After each of these type interviews, both from Buzzfeed attempted to dismiss those viewpoints, but with little serious success. Their argument was primarily based on the information was gathered from the internet and apparently the internet cannot be trusted, even though Buzzfeed is ON the internet.

  3. I was watching numerous feeds of the protests which Buzzfeed was one. I believe the person’s name is Brianna Sacks. She told the participants that it was live and wouldn’t be edited.
    This is the stream with Buzzfeed

    At 47:35 she interviews an immigrant from Soviet Union. He was excellent. He compares socialism, communism and naziism. He talks about communism killing one hundred million and asks her why she’s worried about 500 nazis here.

    On the RSBN feed a man from Saudi Arabia was interviewed who liked Trump, around 1:29:00 and at around that time a black couple enters the Buzzfeed window. But this video doesn’t have his audio.

    It was quite interesting though, when interviewing that black couple. At one point when his remarks were about the media and, as I recall he was the one who compared the media, and CNN, to ISIS. The feed then went off the air and didn’t return for a while.

    It didn’t take long to realize what they were attempting to do. EVERY interview was being directed to find someone who was outrageous by the same questions asked to everyone. One person DID bring up Their Dossier which they said hadn’t been disproved. It was quite obvious they were put on the defensive by all the Trump supporters.

    They also interviewed the other side, the protestors, and anyone with a brain would instantly see where hatred comes from but I doubt it will be realized.

  4. These events are so painfully orchestrated, that a blind man can see what’s going on. These are not “antifas” or liberal groups, these are anarchist who, in fact, are Facist. Calling conservatives “alt-right” is the same as calling liberals “alt-left.” I don’t believe that conservatives or right-wingers are analgous to skin-heads or white supremecists, just as I don’t think liberals or left-leaning people are akin to Communists or Facists. People who feel strongly one way or the other, are often decent Americans who just see a means to an end in a different manner. These people are fringe groups, bought and paid for by true “alt-left” groups and the likes of George Soros, America’s most dangerous man. Why, Hillary herself recently gave $800,000 to some nefarous leftists in order to promote violence and hatred and perpetuate division and dissension. Make no mistake here, we are being led to believe that these people are merely freedom fighters, when in reality, they are destroyers of freedom and seek to bring down America at every turn.

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