Best RNC Ad ! It Speaks TRUTH to Power About the Unhinged MOB!


We found this RNC ad at NTK News Network and it’s good!

“I think [the ad] highlights the dangerous rhetoric of Democrat leaders,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on Friday.

Make it go viral! Condemn the unhinged mob.


  1. Hillary Clinton…who “…wants to destroy what you stand for and care about…” She actually said that with a straight face…woman can twist and lie standing on her head. What she stands for and the rest of her political allies, is the destruction of the Republic…1st Amendment under siege from “political correctness”, 2nd Amendment…they never miss a beat, the Electoral College – according to her and the seditious Shadow Government headed up by the “organizer” – must go. So what EXACTLY is she standing for and cares about. When Barrack Obama said Americans were STUPID I now can agree with him wholeheartedly…at least those that tend to gorge on the “codswallop” dished out by the ‘left of centre’….

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