BET founder again calls for $14 trillion in reparations


Robert Johnson wants $14 trillion for white atonement and to bring about equality. He thinks that this is the right time while we are in extreme debt and inflation is soaring. It is a very radical and extreme position.

We don’t have $14 trillion, and no one today enslaved anyone. As for racism, it is terrible and it was led by the Jim Crow Democrats.

He wants wealth transfer to make up for enslaved people who worked for nothing. If he feels that way, he should collect only from Democrats descended from plantation owners and Democrats who passed laws like the Jim Crow laws.


A bill to remove all the confederate statues in the Halls of Congress is supported by Democrats because they want to erase that part of their history. Every confederate was a Democrat.

Johnson says, “Reparations would require the entire country to … admit that the result of slavery has been 200 years of systemic racism and for that reason, Black folks have been denied $13-15 trillion of wealth and therefore we as a country now must atone by paying Black people of all stripes —the rich ones, the poor ones, and the middle—out of our pocket.”

My family had land stolen from them by the British. A Lord lives on it. Should I be able to get it back? My family fought in the Civil War, one never returned from Andersonville. My husband’s family are immigrants. We have to pay?

We do owe black people more but they can now be anything they want and do anything they want. They can even become President of the United States. They can take over football, oh, wait, they have.


On June 1, 2020, Robert Johnson, founder of BET and America’s first black billionaire, told CNBC he wants $14 trillion in reparations from the U.S. government.

Johnson told VICE News on Tuesday that reparations would close the wage gap.

What would close the wage gap is improvement in the urban areas in parenting and gang control.

Johnson wants his proposal in front of legislators and backing a $30 billion tax incentive program, the Better Opportunity and Outcomes for Socially Disadvantaged Talent (BOOST) Act.

Reparations include the (anti-white, anti-American) critical race theory, housing grant programs, black farmer relief, and corporate. He describes them as “placebo paternalism.” J

“That’s what’s happening to the reparations—it’s been cut up into small pieces of things that look and feel like, ‘We want to end systemic racism, we want to end police brutality and shootings and to provide financing to Black small business owners,’” Johnson told VICE News.

They should work on gang brutality.

“And then people can say, ‘Well, we really don’t need reparations because when you put all of these things together, it’s reparations. It’s just not one big bill or asking this country to stand up and apologize, and you’re not asking people to pay out of their paychecks.”

“Reparations had two components: The first was atonement, and the other was monetary,” he adds. “With no doubt whatsoever, it was supposed to come from the government representing the people of the country. It was reimbursement, or recompense if you will, for the harm.”


We fought a Civil War to end slavery and we are the first country to enshrine the end of slavery in our Constitution.

Johnson is confused. He wants reparations for something people today didn’t do or if there are any involved in Jim Crow, they’re old.

We have slavery today in the form of sex trafficking and our borders are open letting more of it in. Why don’t we work on that?


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2 years ago

I really wonder what percentage Caucasian US citizens are descendants of slave owners or even Americans living in the USA before 1865 so had absolutely nothing to do with slavery in the US and have no responsibility for it. But more importantly what percentage of Black Americans who are descendants of slaves. I ask that because from 1924 to 1965 all immigration from all countries including African countries was limited to quotas from each country. After a 1965 bill Ted Kennedy authored immigration restrictions were mostly lifted and later African immigration was promoted so the numbers increased exponentially. These immigrants and their descendants are not victims of slavery in the US so even if reparations were justified, and they aren’t, they would not be justified for these people so why would they get it and they would because they’re Black. But I’m confusing the facts with the issue.

2 years ago

Really? African-Amerian or at least that part of them that is African should be grateful their ancesters were rescued from the brutality of their African and Muslim slavers (often the same) and brought to Amerca where they have prospered to the entent their average per capita income is 55 times greater than those left in Africa. The per capita income in sub-saharan africa is less than $750 while the average income for blacks in the USA is $45000. Maybe they should be paying the reparations? It would make more sense than whites paying for immensely improving their standard of living.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

That reparations would permanently destroy the US economy. It would also give the leftists and black minority control over the US economy. It is an attempt at takeover of the USA.

Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler
2 years ago

I have a $1.81 in change and they are welcome to it if they will just STFU and GTFO.
Is the CEO of BET terribly oppressed in evil racist America? (A tiny violin plays Misty)