NYC counted 130,000 test ballots in the Dem primary for mayor


New York City says they accidentally included 130,000 test ballots in the final count in the Democratic Primary and that’s 15% of the vote. Only a Democrat can win in commie NYC.

The botching of the city’s first ranked-choice election was first flagged by front-runner Eric Adams. He noted that 941,832 votes were cast for the Democratic mayoral nomination, a huge increase from the 799,827 that were counted on a primary day last week.

The BOE clarified its screwup in a tweet Tuesday night.

“It has been determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System (EMS),” the board said of the fiasco.

“When the cast votes were extracted for the first pull of RCV {ranked choice voting} results, it included both test and election night results, producing approximately 135,000 additional records,” the mea culpa continued.

“The board apologizes for the error and has taken immediate measures to ensure the most accurate up-to-date results are reported.”

New York City Democrats have a new crazy ranked-choice voting system that causes chaos. It is used in Maine for elections to ensure no Republican can ever accidentally win.

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