Beto Jumps on the NY Times Project to Reframe U.S. History as Evil


In addition to defining the President as a racist and white supremacist (after failing to define him as a Russian puppet), the NY Times plans to reframe our telling of history with the 1619 project. The purpose is to use racism to destroy Trump. It’s another hoax by the clinically insane Democrats.

The project is dating the founding of the country from 1619 and is putting slavery and contributions by blacks at the center of the Founding. The message is the USA is not a great nation. Every department of the Times will be devoted to this message. The woman behind it is a Cubaloving communista.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a staff writer, explained: “This project is, above all, an attempt to set the record straight. To finally, in this 400th year, tell the truth about who we are as a people and who we are as a nation.” She went on, “It is time to stop hiding from our sins and confront them. And then in confronting them, it is time to make them right.”

Instead of also lauding the successes by the many non-minority Americans, the NY Times will make our entire history about slavery. It will be one-sided.

The people behind it don’t want slavery to ever be in the past tense in any way. They act as if it is happening now. There is slavery today, such as sex trafficking, but they don’t care about those slaves.

They plan to destroy Christianity and the history of America to replace it with a new, darker and communist USA. They see nothing good in traditional America and the plan is to wipe it out. An excerpt from the Columbia Journalism Review summary of the project:

Contributors consider various modern quandaries—rush hour traffic, mass incarceration, an inequitable healthcare system, even American overconsumption of sugar (the highest rate in the Western world)—and trace the origins back to slavery. Literary and visual artists drew from a timeline chronicling the past 400 years of Black history in America; their work is presented chronologically throughout the magazine. Taken together, the issue is an attempt to guide readers not just toward a richer understanding of today’s racial dilemmas, but to tell them the truth. For many, it may be the first time they’ve heard it.

In addition to the magazine, a special section of the Sunday newspaper, made in partnership with the Smithsonian, will examine the genesis of what would become the transatlantic slave trade, beginning with the Roman Catholic Church’s granting of a monopoly on trade in West Africa and Spain to Portugal, in the 15th century.

The NY Times will also attempt to change the history curricula in all our public schools to reflect their new history of America as racist.

Beto O’Rourke plans to make Americans hate America as much as possible and that’s the ticket he is now running on. We can’t just see Beto as a fake Hispanic or a dufus, he is an evil man trying to reshape the USA as hard-left. The NY Times is evil for doing the same thing.

He is one with the NY Times.

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