Beware New Yorkers! Dems Are Running as Conservatives


Democrats like to run as Conservatives in New York and the Conservative Party has allowed election fakery for a fee in the past. That took place on Long Island and the pay-for-a-place on the ticket ended with some arrests.

Now we have a suspicious ballot in this Tuesday election. Democrats, probably far-Left if I were to guess, are running on the Conservative line and the communist Working Families line. The sample ballot was given to The Gateway Pundit. The person who contacted the Pundit is in Albany. We searched an address in Albany to confirm and got the same results.

If you are in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York, they have the same people running for Justice and Judges on all lines except Family Court Judge and District Court Judge. The same Democrat running for Supervisor, Town Clerk, and Councilman is running as a Conservative. The only Republican running for council is Kevin Sabella Sr. The parties on Long Island are merging into the uniparty.

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