Bi-racial student sues school over radical critical race theory


A biracial high school student in a Nevada charter school for mostly Black youngsters was challenged to label himself as “privileged” or “oppressed” in a racial-identity test, but William Clark is a Christian and wasn’t buying it when he was told he was oppressed.

He’s a senior applying to colleges, and sued his school in federal court for subjecting him to the social justice curriculum that he says violated his belief that all people are equal in the eyes of God.

The instruction of the racist, anti-American curricula, critical race theory, is becoming commonplace.

William‘s school, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in Clark County, replaced a civics education course that taught about democracy with critical race theory under a course titled “Sociology of Change,” which is based on teachings from Kimberl Crenshaw.

Ms. Crenshaw is a Black feminist and political activist who teaches critical race theory at Columbia University and the University of California, Los Angeles, with a focus on oppression and discrimination against minority women.

Some of William’s class assignments told students that “reverse racism is not real” and that “Racism = prejudice + power … Therefore, people of color CANNOT be racist.”

His teacher would greet the class by calling the students her “wonderful social justice warriors.”


William refused to do the course work and received a D- in the class, hurting his opportunities to get into college.

“William Clark has suffered severe mental and emotional distress as a result of defendants’ actions and the hostile environment created by their official actions, all of which has negatively impacted his academic performance, personal relationships, and future professional and academic prospects. He is in therapy addressing these harms,” his lawsuit states.

His lawyers said the school acted with “coercive and intrusive behavior,” which violated William‘s free speech and constitutional rights.


The charter school defended its course work in court documents as part of its mission “to educate responsible citizen-scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.”

The “Sociology of Change” course has students apply social theory to social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter.

“This coursework leads to students’ capstone Change the World project — an opportunity to put lessons about activism and community engagement into practice,” the charter school said.

Black Lives Matter is a communist organization and so is this radial ideology.

The school claims the right to teach it under the First Amendment.

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2 years ago

School’s have no 1st Amendment Rights. They should be required to teach the Truth and be prohibited from pushing half baked lies as truth and history. A truth is that your country is always right and a wonderful place to live. If you can’t wrap your silly little brain around the concept, then you need to find another Country. I know there are a lot of morons in America and I do all I can to make them see the light, but I never forget that America is a great Country that for the most part is moral and seeks fairness and justice for all it’s citizens because it is always seeking perfection. If we are not teaching our children this then we won’t be a country for long. Does William Clark have a go-fund-me site? It’s kids like this that give me hope. BLM is not a social justice movement, it is a Radical Political Movement which gained provenance due to Hillary Clinton’s endorsement when she pursued their Endorsement. If you will remember, Hillary blew off the Police Union to try and get BLM’s endorsement back August of 2016.

Conquered From Within
Conquered From Within
2 years ago

Just wait until the PLA comes marching in after the invasion and shows the snowflakes what real oppression is!
They don’t give a rip about half baked faculty lounge bong load theories or useful to the burn it all down cause idiots.