Biased Judge Curiel Will Find Against Administration on Border Wall


Biased anti-Trump Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel is a member of the San Diego LaRaza Lawyers Association, Hispanic National Bar Association, National Hispanic Prosecutors Association and Latino Judges Association. This suggests the Mexican-American judge could be more Mexican than American.

No judge has any business joining LaRaza anything, that includes Judge Curiel. They are pro-open borders.

President Trump attacked Curiel as biased against him in the Trump University lawsuit. He mentioned his ethnicity as a reason which was a mistake.

Despite the conflict of interest, Judge Curiel will reside over three lawsuits brought by the State of California and leftist environmental groups.

They are challenging the right of the administration to forego impossible environmental regulations to build the wall. Communist Rep. Raul Grijalva is in on the attempt.


Curiel did not recuse himself and tipped his hand. He will block the building of the wall. Curiel said on Friday that DHS has yet to explain why it must proceed so urgently with the construction.

Since the wall was approved in 2006, it’s hardly a rush.

Curiel will allow the invasion to continue. There is no evidence his own father was ever naturalized. Also, he appears biased and should recuse himself.

Galen N. Thorp, a government attorney representing the Department of Homeland Security, said:  “This case is about plaintiffs’ opposition to Congress’s decision that border infrastructure can, in certain circumstances, be a higher priority than environmental laws.”

Plaintiffs argue that environmental waivers granted by Congress a decade ago, shortly after the fence was first authorized, involved emergency security issues. That can no longer apply, they say.

They are trying to use a butterfly to stop the wall. Apparently, they don’t know butterflies can fly over walls.

The invasion by anonymous foreigners will continue.

The leftists are apparently also worried about not populating the U.S. with Mexican jaguars.

Check out the video.

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