Bibi Plans to Evacuate 1.5 Million from Rafah Before the Seige


Hamas said there is no hostage deal without a promise to end the war permanently. Are the hostages even alive, and how many are alive?

The U.S., Egypt, and Qatar are pushing for a cease-fire deal. They want Israel to surrender or surrender in exchange for a hostage deal. They don’t want the assault on Rafah.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said again that the Israel Defense Forces would move in on the city with or without a deal to destroy the Hamas militant group in response to its bloody Oct. 7 terrorist attack.

Biden won’t approve a plan to proceed with the operation without a credible plan to safeguard civilians.

“Absent such a plan, we can’t support a major military operation going into Rafah because the damage it would do is beyond what’s acceptable,” U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said late Friday at the Sedona Forum, an event in Arizona hosted by the McCain Institute.

Is that why Biden plans to take in Gazans who hate us? Will he take all 1.5 million into the U.S.?

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