Biden Admin Gives Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare to Dreamers


DACA recipients are now eligible for taxpayer-funded Obamacare and can apply by November, the White House announced in a statement. “President Biden and Vice President [Kamala] Harris believe that health care should be a right, not a privilege,” the statement said.

“Together, they promised to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act, lowering costs and expanding coverage so that every American has the peace of mind that health insurance brings,” it continued. “Today’s final rule delivers on the President’s commitment by giving DACA recipients that same peace and opportunity.”

That’s a communist ideology. It doesn’t stop at healthcare. It includes childcare, housing, travel, vacations, etc. Leftists have no endpoint. They keep going until we are all bankrupt. That’s how communist nations fall.  No one’s responsible, and the productive have to be punished and pay for the unproductive.

Vice President Harris claims Dreamers, a name conjured up by the hard left, exceeds 800,000. More realistic figures are in the millions.

Biden also plans to admit thousands of Gazans who hate Americans and Jews in particular. They will be given benefits, housing, and a pathway to citizenship so they can vote for Democrats.

The Democrat voting base includes violent criminal offenders, criminal illegal aliens, all foreigners, terrorists, felons, transgenders, communists, socialists, billionaires, deadbeats, and just about anyone with a grievance.

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