Biden admin is moving towards a vaccine passport


Joe Biden and his comrades are preparing to roll out new Covid restrictions, including a vaccine passport system.

The Governor of California compared unvaccinated Americans to “drunk drivers.” Newsom suggested the unvaccinated are killers. New York Governor Cuomo thinks he has the right to force people to get vaccinated.

It’s part of the preparation for the mandatory vaccine passports.


Fauci declared that there would need to be “two Americas”

Under such a system — two Americas — one America would have civil rights and the other America would lose constitutional rights. The unvaccinated will be punished just as they would be in Maoist China.

To fulfill their goals, they will need a vaccine passport system. It’s coming.


Senator Ted Cruz warned that the Feds have already begun collecting the information they need for a vaccine passport system.

Ted Cruz sounded the alarm. He said they already have this database. The government has been gathering data on who is vaccinated and who is not. This is what they are using to go door to door with their vaccine push. They wouldn’t be able to know what doors to knock on if they didn’t already know who has or hasn’t had their shot.

Ted Cruz has a bill to deal with it, but nothing can pass with this Democrat Congress and presidency.

The bill states:

“To the extent any Federal department or agency has received, obtained, aggregated, stored, or is otherwise in possession of any data or records from officials, including public health officials, in any state, the District of Columbia, or any territory, or any third party who administered or has information related to the administration of any COVID-19 vaccinations, including health care providers and insurers, such data and records about any individuals’ vaccination status shall be destroyed by the Federal department or agency and, if in digital form, that record shall be deleted in its entirety within 30 days of the enactment of this Act.”

Biden is currently considering forcing federal workers to get vaccinated and show proof of it. The VA has already mandated it.

The far-left BidenBama government is moving towards a vaccine passport system incrementally.

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