Blatant corruption of Pelosi’s 1-6 kangaroo court


Former FBI official, David Laufman, who was intimately involved in the Hillary Clinton servers scandal, is back for Act III. Act II was his involvement in the Blasey-Ford fiasco against Justice Kavanaugh. Act III is the 1-6committee.


Do you remember Obama official David Laufman? He was the Primary Supervisor of Counter-Intelligence in National Security.

In his position, he had to be involved in the FISA application on Carter Page. His section was responsible for much of the potential corruption.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt said, “He would have been involved in the Clinton email investigation. His section handled cases involving leaks of classified information. The decisions concerning granting immunity, and allowing conditions to be attached to the examination of computers would have come from his office.”

The Clinton servers were not examined by his unit. They were turned over to a private Democrat-friendly firm CrowdStrike. Laufman’s division gave immunity to all the key witnesses who were also persons of interest.

He resigned from the FBI and joined the far-left Lawfare organization. From there, he represented Monica McLean, a former FBI agent, and a friend of Christine Blasey Ford’s who was trying to destroy Justice Kavanaugh. McLean tried to bully an old friend of Ford’s, Leland Keyser, into substantiating Ford’s fantastical story.


Laufman is now involved in the 1-6 fake insurrection, actual riot, hearing run by Nancy Pelosi who should recuse herself since she was responsible for security on 1-6.

He appeared during the testimony of obnoxious leftist police officer Michael Fanone when he testified. It is true that Fanone was subject to violence by some rioters, and that is totally unacceptable. However, he is way over the top in his performances.

This is going to be more Blasey-Ford-style Kabuki theater.  Everyone on the 1-6 special select committee voted to impeach Donald Trump. This won’t only be about DJT, however, this will be about DJT’s supporters.

It’s all scripted.

Laufman is the bald individual behind Fanone in this photo:


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