1-6 ‘insurrection’ clown show begins with Schiff & Kinzinger sobbing



The 1-6 fake insurrection committee is going to be a real tear-jerker. That’s the ploy!

Adam Kinzinger Sobs

Fake Republican Adam Kinzinger gave an Academy Award level performance. We think he practiced in front of a mirror.

Clearing his throat as he prepares to cry, Kinzinger said, “…quite as emotional as it has been. You’re talking about the impact of that day.” He had to take a deep breath to get hold of his deep fake emotions. Whatever unintelligible thing he said was too drenched in tears and a shaky voice to discern.

You could make this out — “Democracies are not defined by our bad days…”

Whatever he said is unimportant. What is important is he’s a clown, making decisions in Congress.

He never expressed any concern nor did he shed a single tear when Antifa and Black Lives Matter beat the police, burned down buildings, destroyed businesses, and more. Not one tear!


Schiff Cries

Dishonest leftist, Rep. Adam Schiff managed some fake tears today during the 1-6 committee hearing. Officer Harry Dunn made his remarks — we know nothing about him except he was hand-selected by Pelosi — and that led to the Schiff drama.

“Well officer thank you, I believe in this country and I believe in it because of people like you,” Schiff said as he spoke with a shaky voice. “Who understands what the flag means and what our constitution means and risk their lives to defend it. I’d like to think, as Amanda Gorman so eloquently said, that we’re not broken, we’re just unfinished. Because if we’re no longer committed to a peaceful transfer of power after our elections, if our side doesn’t win, then God help us.”

The biggest Russiagate fraud, Shifty Schiff, is now pretending he cares about the Constitution, God, and country. What a pathetic lie.

“If we deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way rather than trying to do better the next time, then God help us,” Schiff said.

“If we’re so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as traitors if they’re born in another country or don’t look like us…” Schiff then paused to force cry as he tried so hard to complete his thought.

“Then God helps us,” Schiff sniffled. “But I have faith because of folks like you.” Ahh…sweet, he suddenly likes cops.


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