Biden admin putting Armed Forces at risk with latest Vax order


The Peoples’ Pundit reported in a series of tweets that US armed services are being put at risk mandating vaccinations despite exemptions, even for those with a history of Myocarditis. The vaccinations will be given with only field medic attention. These are not anti-vaxxers. They are seeking exemptions for legitimate issues but being denied.

The Biden Admin is not done putting members of U.S. armed services at risk, mandating U.S. Marines receive first dose vaccinations before WTI (Weapons Tactics Instructions) in a week, ignoring apps for exemptions that include religious and history of Myocarditis.

Further, the second dose will be administered during WTI, in a remote location with only field medic attention available to them. Again, this is ordered for those who have known medical conditions that were considered viable causes for exemptions only a week ago.

These are all people who had no problem getting vaccinated for scores of other diseases. They were told they would have the ability to obtain waivers and are now facing the choice between risk to personal harm and/or violation of conscience, or professional ruination.

Reading the documents provided to us (of course it’s documented), service members who refuse to take the vaccination will be “dealt with via administrative or disciplinary measures, i.e., AdSep, NJP or court-martial.”

There is not enough time for waivers to be issued.

Again, the main issue here, which is expected given how these things play out in real life, is that the Biden Admin is claiming there is an accommodation for religious exemption and exemption for certain medical conditions, but in reality is not afforded to them.

It’s a Catch 22. If you have a religious exemption, then DoD tells them to apply for it, claims they were allowed. Except, they won’t actually have time for the “Chaplain Interview Checklist” (sound familiar @DeptofDefense?) because they just got orders and the deadline is here.

And honestly, this is what many of them are concerned about. Not for themselves, but for their Battles who they know are seeking waivers for legitimate conditions linked to Pfizer. They are NOT “anti-vaccine”.

For those seeking religious exemptions, there is no time for them to get a “Chaplain Interview Checklist” before the “Religious Accommodation Review Board”. Again, sound familiar @DeptofDefense? These service members have been scammed. I thought we had enough of that, this week.

“And the worse part is, you dont get the vaccine, you don’t go on exercises, you get no job training, you’re kicked out.” I realize most Americans have never served, don’t understand what it means to be in this situation.

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