Biden Administration Comes Out Strong for Hamas at the UN


No matter what you think of Israel, Hamas will never be our allies unless we become terrorists. Today, the US abstained at the UN Security Council when the vote demanded a ceasefire.

The US was not there when standing up for an ally was important – during a war. The UN is not our friend, yet we let them pour people in illegally, guide our culture with 16 sustainable goals, and abandon allies.

Kirby wants us to believe the decision to abstain is that it’s in keeping with US national security and that of Israel. I hope Kirby gets paid a lot for lying like this.

There is one reason the US abstained. They want the votes of the Hamas contingent in Michigan and Minneapolis. The Biden administration would have their votes anyway. Who else would stick up for terrorists? They are quickly gathering more voters than Jews, and we know how Democrats will handle it.

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