Biden Apparatchik Says His Leadership’s Moving the Country Forward


“By any metric, with the exception of inflation, this country has moved forward under his [Biden’s] leadership,” Stephanie Cutter said remarkably on This Week’s roundtable. Actually, he’s moving the country backward. These people Biden has working for him will say anything and then the media repeats it.

Perhaps she meant he’s moving China forward.

Her comment is so absurd that it is hard to believe she thinks so little of our intelligence that she’d even say it.

Obviously, she knows it’s not true.

He did nothing about the baby formula crisis for months. She falsely claims he has a plan for inflation. Cutter describes the Ukraine mess as a success. Like we said – remarkable.

She also lied and said the GOP wants to ban books, raise taxes as Democrats actually raise taxes, and ban rights as Biden takes away our rights.

The roundtable included other fools, grifters, and liars like Stephanie Cutter — Paul Krugman, George Will, and Eric Fernstrom.  The title of the roundtable is “Fix the Economy”. Even the title is farcical.


Hate Donald Trump if you want, but remember what the economy was like? Watch:

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