NYC’s Massively Inflating COV Numbers to Bring Back Mandates


New York City is massively inflating COVID numbers and they are looking at going back to authoritarian mandates. More than half of the COV cases reported in New York City are of patients admitted for some other reason. They later tested positive. New York City is a fraud.

In other words, they inflated the numbers by 100%. Is this going on throughout the nation?

COVID cases are growing nationally, up nearly 20% over the past week, though deaths have taken a 32% fall over the same period.

Despite the rise in infections, COVID deaths in the U.S. are falling with about 374 now being recorded every day on average down almost a third from 551 a week ago. It is around the same level as last summer when vaccines were widely distributed.

The new, highly infectious, BA 2.12.1 variant is now behind up to half of COVID cases in the U.S.


“State data shows that of the 670 patients marked as being infected with the virus on Friday, just over two in five — or 43.7 percent — were admitted because of the disease, with the rest coming to wards for another condition such as a broken leg, but later being found to be infected,” the Daily Mail reported.

So, the majority of COV patients don’t suffer massively from COV.

“Data published by New York State’s Department of Health includes the number of Covid patients that were admitted because of severe complications with the virus and the number admitted with Covid who came to wards for another issue, such as a fall, but then tested positive,” the report stated.

Out of 670 COV hospitalized patients, only 293 were admitted for the virus. The other 377 were admitted for something else.

About 40 percent of infections are also asymptomatic — or trigger no symptoms —, scientists have found including in a JAMA Network Open study.


New York is currently at a “moderate’” but the city’s health commissioner Ashwin Vasan might push it to high.  He wants to bring back face masks in all public places. He also wants to limit gatherings to small numbers of people. If the number reaches 20 hospitalizations per 100,000 people, they’re massively totalitarian.

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