Biden Arms the Enemy and Our Borders Are Wide Open


Biden has decided to arm Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq, all Iranian allies, the day after he denied arms to Israel. Is this for votes in Dearborn? It’s hard to imagine how this makes any sense otherwise.

How does arming Houthi and Iranian allies help to stop the misery and chaos in the Middle East? They are our enemies, and they can come into our country right through our open borders. We will see something far worse than 9/11, and there is no stopping the Democrats.

As for Israel, Biden says he is solidly behind them. He is not behind them or any Americans. He doesn’t even mention the American hostages in Gaza or the terrorists and criminals pouring in through our borders.

The sad irony is that without efficient precision weapons, Israel can’t target efficiently, which could end in more civilian deaths.

Republicans want to impeach him, not for the open border but for arming the enemy since it’s the same thing Donald Trump was accused of doing but didn’t do.

Cory Mills of Florida just filed Articles of impeachment against Biden for the alleged Trump crime in Ukraine’s situation.

“In violation of his oath to faithfully execute the office of President and to uphold the Constitution, President Biden abused the powers of his office by soliciting a ‘quid pro quo’ with Israel while leveraging vital military aid for policy changes,” Mills said in a statement.

It makes sense, but why won’t they follow through on Articles of Impeachment against Joe for opening our borders and destroying our country??? Why?

As for Biden, he wants to have it both ways.

As an aside, Biden’s lies are so egregious that they should be included in high crimes and misdemeanors.

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