Rudy Giuliani Suspended from WABC, His Show Canceled


According to the New York Times, WABC suspended Rudy Giuliani and canceled his radio show for violating company policy by trying to discuss the legitimacy of the 2020 election on the air.

John Catsimatidis, the billionaire Republican businessman who owns the station, said he had decided after Mr. Giuliani refused to avoid the topic after repeated warnings.

“We’re not going to talk about fallacies of the November 2020 election,” Mr. Catsimatidis said in a brief phone interview. “We warned him once. We warned him twice. And I get a text from him last night, and I get a text from him this morning that he refuses not to talk about it.”

“So,” Mr. Catsimatidis continued, “he left me no option. I suspended him.”

Rudy now loses one of his biggest public platforms and a source of income that he needs.

Mr. Catsimatidis said Mr. Giuliani did not get a salary. He made money from the advertising revenue.

Mayor Giuliani still has a program on Rumble.

Mr. Giuliani’s suspension began on Thursday, as he railed against the suspension of his law license in New York. He was midsentence when employees in the control room cut him off.

“Look, I like the guy as a person, but you can’t do that,” a saddened Catsimatidis said. “You can’t cross the line.”

“Red Apple Media is committed to uniting the nation during this unprecedented and tumultuous time,” said the memo, using the name of the company that owns WABC. “To that end, Red Apple Media is directing all of its on-air talent to not state, suggest or imply that the election results are not valid or that the election is not over.”

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