Radical Islamists March in Germany – Article Corrected


Waving ISIS and Al-Qaeda flags, radical Islamists in Hamburg, Germany, are calling for the establishment of a caliphate in the clip below. Statista reports that Germany has a population of 84+ million. They roughly have 5.7 million Muslims, with 4.7 million adherents.

Hopefully, not all of them are like this crew. Notice the children marching. It looks like Dearborn, Michigan.

According to Statista: In the majority of cases supporters of right-wing parties were much more likely to have negative views of Muslims, such as in Germany, where 60 percent of Alternative for Germany supports had an unfavorable opinion compared to 19 percent of non-supporters. However, supporters of all the left-wing populist parties surveyed were less likely to hold unfavorable views.

According to Meunster.de, 42 per cent of Germans state that practising Islam should be vigorously restricted. In the west of Germany, less than 30 per cent are in favor of the building of mosques; in the east, not even 20 per cent think so. Approval of the building of minarets or of the introduction of Muslim holidays is even lower.

Meunster University added: While the majority of the Dutch, the French and the Danes think positively of Muslims (62 per cent, 56 per cent and 55 per cent, respectively), the same is only true for a German minority of 34 per cent (West) and 26 per cent (East). The research team found out that the most important reason for this is the frequency in contact: “The more often you meet Muslims, the more you view them as generally positive”, Prof. Dr. Detlef Pollack explained.

Correction: The article originally said Netherlands and that was in error. It was Germany. We changed the title and the stats.

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