Biden-Backed EV Buses Couldn’t Handle the Cold, Steep Hills and Need Frequent Charges


According to the Minnesota Post, Duluth and Twin Cities received a $6.3 million federal grant for seven battery-electric buses from Proterra that were delivered in 2018.

Proterra, avidly supported by Joe Biden, went bankrupt in August after selling only 550 buses that didn’t work for most of the year.

They give off zero emissions but don’t work

The buses have broken down, and there is a lack of parts available.

Proterra techs installed diesel-powered heaters and increased battery capacity on the buses to help them handle steep hills and subzero temperatures because they struggle to handle both.

They also underpriced vehicles and delivered them late.

The city then received another $1.7 million federal grant from New Flyer for eight more electric buses. They were supposed to go 150 miles on a single charge but only go about 75 miles.

In 2021, the buses were out of service for most of the year because of charging station issues.

The eight million dollars is lost.

In February, Biden also announced CEO Joyce’s appointment to the White House’s Export Council, which advises on matters of overseas trade.

The Biden administration celebrated Joyce’s appointment and hailed the CEO for “growing Proterra’s EV battery manufacturing footprint in the United States and accelerating the transition of transit and other commercial vehicles to zero-emission solutions,” Just the News reports.

Great job, Biden

Government can’t create jobs and shouldn’t pick winners and losers. This is the Solyndra of electric vehicles and has Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The inefficiency of electric vehicles compared to gas powered vehicles results in more release of the beneficial carbon dioxide. It is impossible that an EV will have lower emissions of anything.

But, the elitists are not really concerned about CO2, their concern is with reducing our energy usage and depopulating. Every single major initiative by the elitists points to depopulation.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Prisoner
Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Dear leftists,

Zero emission vehicles do not exist,

the emissions are simply emitted in someone else’s back yard.

it is as if you dumped your trash in your neighbor’s backyard, and then claimed you live in a zero trash house.