Biden Basically Admits the Crises Are to Push His Hard-Left Agenda


Biden admits in the clip below that the latest crisis is “an opportunity” to push his extreme alternative energy agenda.

The Covid crisis allowed Biden and the Democrats to violate our Constitution, control the population, set precedents, and fetter the Big Pharma nest. It also allowed Democrats to spend wildly on their socialist/communist agenda.

It allowed Biden to open the borders to anyone and everyone. He doesn’t care if the country becomes more dangerous. In fact, that’s fine as long as he can dwindle the US citizen population down and get the permanent electoral majority.

Due to crises of their making, the regime was able to inflate prices of gas and other necessities so the regime can pretend alternative energy must replace fossil fuels now. It allows Biden and his comrades to dole out subsidies to companies and individuals, making us all dependent on a socialist government.

Another crisis, or cause, is Russia-Ukraine. That will feed the war machine and push the Left’s agenda.

His Iran nuke deal is endangering Saudi Arabia and pushing yet another country to the new Russia-China bloc.

Everything helps China in the end.

Biden has never been right on his policies and now he has advanced dementia as well. He also has people on the hard-left behind the curtain telling him what to do. They are unaccountable.


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