52% of Dems Support the DeSantis ‘Don’t Teach Transgenderism K-3’ Bill


More than 52% of Democratic voters in Florida SUPPORT the absurdly dubbed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill that bans transgenderism instruction in K-3 classes. Seventy percent of Republicans support the bill while 46% of Independents do.

The results come just days after a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll of 2,005 people revealed that a slight majority of Americans support the guidance, by only 51 percent.

Respondents probably don’t realize what is actually in the bill if only a slight majority of Americans support it. Children should have their innocence in those grades. They aren’t developmentally ready to change their gender. In any case, it’s the parents who should be making the decisions as to when and if they teach it.

The bill doesn’t ban saying ‘gay’ in a classroom. Calling it that is a lie to gin up support for the opposition. It’s propaganda.

In the more recent poll, 52% of Democrats in Florida support the DeSantis bill. Another 12% have no opinion, and another 36% oppose it. The legislation is officially known as the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Why would anyone want some anonymous teacher telling their small children they can pick their sexual identity? Children that age shouldn’t be thinking about sex. This approach causes confusion and mental illness.

The poll was commissioned by a local political action committee, Floridians for Economic Advancement.


The bill would ban teachers from speaking about sexual orientation and gender identity with students in kindergarten to third grade, while also limiting discussions about those topics in other grades.

It also allows parents to sue districts over alleged violations of the ban, and requires teachers to notify a student’s parent if there is a change in the student’s mental, emotional or physical health – something LGBTQ advocates argue could lead to students being outed to their parents.

Just teach the academics and we won’t be so far behind other nations educationally.

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