Is the 82nd Airborne Going to Ukraine? Biden Suggests They are!


Joe Biden is in Rzeszow, Poland, to somehow help Ukrainian refugees fleeing war in their country. It seems like a photo-op. He spoke to members of the 82nd Airborne who are strengthening NATO’s eastern flank.

Joe Biden told the troops they will see heroic acts by the ordinary men and women of Ukraine, adding, “you are going to see when you are there.”  U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was next to him when he said it.

How will they see it from Poland? Can they see Ukraine from their house? CTH is concerned that he is saying he will send the 82nd into Ukraine.

It could be just more of Biden’s gaffe-ism, although Austin should have clarified. Yesterday, Biden stated clearly that he will not send troops to Ukraine. Nothing we could find in the Polish papers suggest he’s sending the 82nd into Ukraine, so we’re going with it’s a gaffe. In any case, he’s humiliating us in Poland now.



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