Biden Border Crisis forces shut down of checkpoints


Customs and Border Protection had to shut down highway checkpoints so that personnel could be redirected to address an enormous surge of [Democrat] migrants [illegal aliens]. There will be a lot more trafficking as a result. Sex trafficking is slavery and we have a lot of it in the United States. We are allowing it and are in business with the cartels.

Fox News reported that CBP had shut down a trio of checkpoints in Willcox, Arizona.

The number of child migrants in custody at federal border facilities has tripled to 3,250 over the last two weeks, with many held longer than the three days allowed under the law.

Instead of all the Republicans screaming from the rooftops, a few are doing so.

Senator Cruz wants to know how much more will it take. [What it will take is for Texas to turn blue]

Senator Hawley called out the ‘nothing’ response from Biden.

McCarthy called it what it is — The Biden Border Crisis:

And we’re not getting their best:

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Rick Dosmini
Rick Dosmini
2 years ago

When we went to Laredo and the Gulf back in the late 90’s there were secondary border checkpoints which were like a gas station right on the highway.
We had to stop and get out and their animals didn’t care for our animals (chow chows) and we had to walk around the building for a minute while they tossed the car.
All constitutional rights were suspended at this stop but future lifetime CPUSA voters come on in and enjoy the free milk and honey, there might even be some fweedom fries.