Dems are forcing a vote on a bill to block lawful gun purchases – Updates


Democrats are forcing a vote on H.R. 1446 which will give the government the power to indefinitely block gun purchases for no reason at all!


Everyone submits to a background check when purchasing a firearm. After a 72-hour wait, and unless the FBI finds a problem, the buyer can purchase the gun.

Democrats want to undo that. The legislation basically gives the government the power to suspend the 2nd Amendment. Republicans are actually considering this bill, calling it a compromise.

The Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 (H.R. 1446) would change the law to give the FBI ten business days to complete an “instant” background check. If you want to appeal a rejection, then the FBI would have another ten business days to process the appeal. Combined, that is an entire month. This is the plan. An ATF 4473 background check form is only valid for one month.

If you don’t pick up a firearm within a month of filling out the background check paperwork, you have to do it all over again.

What H.R. 1446 does is allow the FBI to indefinitely block gun purchases, without even having to give a reason. They can run out the clock for an entire month, wait for the background check form to expire, and then force you to restart the process all over again.

This is a power the Left would love. They would have the ability to simply block Americans from buying guns. H.R. 1446 only applies to gun stores. But Democrats are also forcing a vote on H.R. 8, their universal background check bill. This would force Americans to undergo a background check whenever they want to privately purchase a firearm.

The two together can allow the government to block any gun sales.

Some Republicans are calling this a “compromise,” as opposed to a complete confiscation or registration bill.

Democrats will use the power the bills give them. They are forcing a vote on HR 1446 this week.



So far, three Republicans have cosponsored the companion bill HR 8:
Fitzpatrick, Brian [R-PA1]
Smith, Christopher “Chris” [R-NJ4]
Upton, Fred [R-MI6]

No one in the House has come out officially for HR 1446. There are some tweets from GOP that state it is a compromise. People need to call their reps and senators.

HR 8 via

HR8 requires that loans, gifts, and sales of firearms be processed by a gun store. The same fees, paperwork, and permanent record-keeping apply as to buying a new gun from the store. If you loan a gun to a friend without going to the gun store, the penalty is the same as for knowingly selling a gun to a convicted violent felon. Likewise, when the friend returns the gun, another trip to the gun store is necessary, upon pain of felony.

A clever trick in HR8 effectively bans handguns for persons 18-to20.

The bill has some narrow exemptions. The minuscule exemption for self-defense does not cover stalking victims. None of the exemptions cover farming and ranching, sharing guns on almost all public and private lands, or storing guns with friends while on vacation. The limited exemption for family excludes first cousins and in-laws.

The bill authorizes unlimited fees to be imposed by regulation.


Larry Keane, of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, summarized the problems with this bill well when he said, “If the bill is the same as what was introduced in the last Congress, we will be opposed to it now as we were then. This bill increases the burden on small business firearm retailer owners and flips the burden of proof on its head. This would make it incumbent upon the law-abiding citizen to prove his or her innocence to the government to exercise their Second Amendment right to purchase a firearm instead of the government being responsible for proving an individual is prohibited. This could potentially deny a law-abiding citizen their rights for up to a month, while they are saddled with the burden of proving their innocence. That’s un-American.

“Rather than placing further burdens on retailers and law-abiding gun owners, Congress should focus on adequately resourcing NICS. NSSF is the only organization that has successfully advocated for NICS to have the necessary resources to perform its mission in a timely manner.”

American Military News

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) warned that Democrats could move on gun control legislation in just days, and on March 1, Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 and the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 were both introduced in the House of Representatives.

California Rep. Mike Thompson’s Bipartisan Background Checks Act would criminalize private gun sales, making even transactions between family members illegal. Instead, a gun-owner seeking to sell his firearm would first require government permission.

“It shall be unlawful for any person who is not a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer to transfer a firearm to any other person who is not so licensed, unless a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer has first taken possession of the firearm,” the proposed bill states.



  1. Had to wait almost a week once on a S&W magnum due to a clerical error with name misspelling.
    The store was within walking distance so it was no big deal and strolled over there to pick up Maggie.
    The world class gun store locally uses police in cruisers to run background checks but they are true believers in capitalism and love to see citizens armed.
    They have a big sign with a shotgun drawing saying note to robbers…we shoot back.

    • We need to politically disarm the Democratic party. They are hostile to economic, political and religious freedom. Their voters are ignorant, illiterate and compose some of the nastiest and violent segments of society. Guns are not the problem; criminals are the problem especially the Negro underclass in our cities.

    • How is passing any law that violates the Constitution a compromise? A compromise from confiscation? That’s already unConstitutional you spineless cowards.

    • I’d bet that Romney is on that list. Still haven’t forgiven the RNCCP for foisting him iff on us az a Presidential Candidate.

    • So far, three Republicans have cosponsored the companion bill HR8:
      Fitzpatrick, Brian [R-PA1]
      Smith, Christopher “Chris” [R-NJ4]
      Upton, Fred [R-MI6]

      No one in the House has come out officially for HR 1446. There are some tweets from GOP that state it is a compromise. People need to call their reps and senators.

  2. Dims really care nothing about the constitution. Takin guns is the final step before the concertraton camps. They are following the Nazi blueprint verbatim

  3. — Republicans are actually considering this bill, calling it a compromise. —

    Yet another case of Republican legislators throwing private-citizen Americans to the wolves in the hope that GOP legislators will retain their seats…and their earmarks…and their porkbarrel privileges.

  4. A “compromise” with Dems is like a rape victim negotiating a “compromise” with her rapist; there is no common ground upon which a real compromise can be reached.

  5. Your Republican Party at work for you. People had better wake up. I’m afraid there are too many RINOs and elites to reform the party. They care about their agenda first. As much as I hate to say this, President Trump is going to find this out (again). They will oppose and trip him up EVERY step of the way. They haven’t stopped since he first ran for President. And I hope I’m completely wrong. But…

  6. Push back’s gotta be 200%, now all reps and the staff of several Alphabet Agencies in D.C., have to pack their shizzay and go the F home, quickly, quietly, and of their own volition, per the 2nd Para. of the Declaration of Independence.

  7. When our congress critters “compromise” with the devil and his spawn they do so in OUR name, and every deal Satan offers is rigged against us all. We need to make sure our lawmakers understand this, and make them pay dearly if/when they forsake us.

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