CNN’s Chris Cuomo said he’s “black on the inside”


Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, told his CNN colleague Don Lemon, “You know, I’m black on the inside.”

Cuomo made the statement after singing the theme song to the 1970s TV show “Good Times” at the end of Friday’s CNN show.

The backlash on social media was swift and fiery.

Not helping his cause, Cuomo defended his comment with more stupid comments. “Said with all respect to reality and our need to fight this amplification of color animus,” he tweeted.

“There is no understanding what it is like to live as a black person in america if you are white,” he added. Cuomo failed to capitalize the “A” in America in his tweet.

CNN had already reinstated a prohibition on Chris interviewing or doing stories on his brother, Gov. Cuomo. Between March 19 and June 24, 2020, Chris interviewed his brother Andrew nine times on his show. Their brotherly banter often turned raunchy and inappropriate.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has come under fire for his failure to accurately disclose the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes. He is also dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Now Chris Cuomo has further embarrassed the Cuomo family in the national spotlight. It seems the high-profile brothers simply take turns putting their proverbial feet in their mouths.

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  1. Photochopping clown wigs, honking horns, size 40 clown shoe prints, polka dot XXXL outfits with ruffles, a lapel flower with hidden water squirter!
    Donny Lemon still loves his white boyfriend? (racist!)

  2. This is how rich spoiled brats handed everything in life behave. Scrutiny exposes them.

    This guy was handed his admission into Harvard, and his job at CNN.

    Plus he contradicts himself. If whites cannot understand blacks, then how can he? Is it some sort of genetic miracle?

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