Biden Buyer’s remorse will hit with the next lockdown


A former adviser to President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore said over the weekend that she would not have voted for President-Elect Joe Biden if she knew about the lockdowns. Author Naomi Wolf wrote on Twitter that lockdowns are a “historically unprecedented” and “terrifying practice,”  Townhall reported on Monday.

She said the elites love them.

Joe Biden was sold as a moderate who would heal the divide and conquer the virus with compassion and science. The campaign lied about his intentions on many issues, including COV.

We noted yesterday that Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is on Biden’s task force, and he is a staunch supporter of another 12-18 month lockdown. He’s not the only one on that task force who wants to lock us down again.

Also, as a consultant, Emanuel is said to have profited from the lockdown.

That is one reason this never-ending voting and extremely early voting for president are bad ideas.

Last night, Laura Ingraham had two doctors on to discuss the potential lockdowns under a Biden administration. A cardiologist, Dr. Ramon Oskoui, gave the example of Japan that now has half their country with herd immunity.

Dr. Grace, an oncologist, talked about all the social justice [Marxist] programs the [weaponized] COVID will engender. The social departments Biden will establish will be used to affect food, women’s caregiving, housing, and so on.

When Democrats said they would use this to transform the USA, they were serious.


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3 years ago

Not sure where to put this but Steve Bannon who has been banned from YT was on with Sebastian Gorka Monday for an hour on Youtube if interested.

Heavy Whipping Cream and Cinnamon
Heavy Whipping Cream and Cinnamon
3 years ago

Not sure if it was real but a www page had a tweet supposedly from the Khomeini (?) saying that the US is in terminal decline in every way.
No buyer’s remorse in Iran as hope for plane loads of walking around money in the future.
In the age of deep fakes from the land that made Disneyland and Hollywood it is hard to tell.
I need some Brawndo to go with the hazelnut heaven delight just to stay sharp.

3 years ago

This woman is stupid. We all knew Biden was open to the most draconian measures for everything. His mouthpieces weren’t silent. And why the hell would you vote for a brain damaged husk who REFUSED to discuss anything. Thanks a lot for bringing us all down with you, you ignorant fool. We must get to the bottom of this sham election and cancel Biden