Biden Calls for Broader War As Zelensky Says the War Is a Counteroffensive


The US administration will send more munitions and F-16s to Ukraine. Biden will try to broaden the war to include reluctant nations while attending the G7. Ukraine’s President Zelensky warns this war is a counteroffensive, not simply a defensive mission. We must defeat Russia just as Nazi Germany was defeated. That would mean the utter destruction of Russia if we take him at his word in the clip below.

Joe Biden has sent billions of dollars worth of munitions into Ukraine. He is sending another $375 million this month. He also agreed to join the coalition to send F-16s to Ukraine.

Politico says the aid will include more artillery shells, armored vehicles, and anti-tank weapons.

What is new is that the figurehead president Biden “signaled that he would greenlight the third-party transfer of American F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, telling his G7 counterparts overnight that he will support a joint international effort to train Ukrainian pilots on the aircraft,” says Politico.

This package is being sent on top of an extra $3 billion worth of aid allocated to Ukraine earlier this month due to a so-called “accounting error. “

Biden plans to engage with “swing states.” These countries, including Brazil, India, and Indonesia, have not firmly aligned themselves with Ukraine in the conflict as if Biden will convince them to risk war with Russia. He’s pushing for a broader World War.

The goal is the destruction of Russia, and we are part of that.

Zelensky refused the Pope’s offer to mediate peace but did ask for his blessing for this offensive war.

It appears to be an offensive war, from what Mr. Zelensky says here. The only way that works is if the West joins Ukraine on the battlefield.

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