Biden Calls for Protecting Hospital Used as an RPG Launching Pad


Hamas intentionally harms their own people. They don’t care as long as they blindly kill Jews, often from hospitals. Biden called for protecting the hospital that is used as an RPB launching pad.

According to CNN, U.S. officials confirmed that Hamas terrorists are operating a command and control facility beneath the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, a site currently surrounded by the Israeli military. President Joe Biden told reporters approximately an hour later that the hospital “must be protected.”

Biden said Monday at the White House that his “hope and expectation” was “that there will be less intrusive action relative to hospitals” in Gaza by the IDF, and that his administration “remain[s] in contact with the Israelis.”

“I have not been reluctant [in] expressing my concerns with what’s going on,” Biden also stated.

Biden sounds like the Squad, only with dementia.

CNN reported:

“A US official with knowledge of American intelligence says Hamas has a command node under the Al-Shifa hospital, uses fuel intended for it and its fighters regularly cluster in and around Gaza’s largest hospital. Hamas and hospital officials have denied the accusation that the hospital is being used as a command center.”

Hamas routinely uses hospitals as human shields.

The Israeli Defense Force posted a video of Hamas terrorists carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher into the Quds hospital to X earlier in the day asking: “What could these Hamas terrorists possibly be doing with an RPG at the Quds Hospital?”

They launched an RPG from the entrance of the Al-Quds Hospital, and Biden wants to make sure the hospital is protected while they kill Israelis from the hospital launching pad.

IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari walked through a Hamas tunnel leading to Rantisi Hospital.

Evidence shows that Hamas appeared to have used this tunnel to hold hostages. The terrorist group has around 240 hostages, including a 3-year-old American toddler.

A baby bottle is on a World Health Organization box in the clip.

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