State Department Workers Called for a Ceasefire in Gaza


Dozens of State Department workers sent at least three dissent cables to Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging a ceasefire in Gaza. Ceasefires are essentially surrender. According to two US officials who spoke with the New York Times, they are urging the Biden administration to press Israel for the ceasefire.

Two of the cables were sent the first week of the war.

The media is pushing the tide against Israel.

Yesterday, we noted that 750 journalists, who wished to remain anonymous, issued an open letter calling for the “apartheid” nation of Israel to stop committing genocide against Gaza. The disgraceful and dishonest letter came from, which is tied to the Aspen Institute that George Soros helps fund.

Perhaps the New York Times article is in response to the letter’s entreaty that the media must call for a ceasefire and allegedly start reporting the truth. Truth, that is, as it is seen by progressives who are themselves anti-Israel.

The New York Times said that the death toll is 11,000 in Gaza, but even if that’s accurate, it includes Hamas terrorists.

Joe Biden is calling for pauses, which is a clever way of saying temporary ceasefires, which would give Hamas enough time to regroup.

One of the memos proposes Israel trade Palestinian prisoners for a ceasefire. Prime Minister Netanyahu has indicated there might be a deal along those lines.

Absurdly, the New York Times’ sources is looking for peace and a two-state solution. After the genocidal attack on Israel, it’s clear what Hamas would do with more land.

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