Biden Calls on Us to Support Women’s Sports – Can’t Make This Up


Biden gave a shout-out to female athletes during a White House ceremony honoring the Las Vegas Aces, the 2023 WNBA champions. He said it was a “banner year for women’s basketball.”

He had the unmitigated gall to do this after canceling females in Title IX and handing women’s sports over to men who think they are women.

“It matters to girls and women, finally seeing themselves represented, and it matters to all of America,” Biden said at the Thursday event. “That’s why, as a nation, we need to support women’s sports by showing up in person, watching on TV with more sponsorships and programming, and helping grow the business of women’s sports.”

Why are the women lemmings at the event cheering him?

Riley Gaines suggested he keep men out of women’s sports.

Twenty-two red state attorneys general are suing Biden to eliminate the new rule.

They cited the Education Department’s final rule released on April 19 that adds “gender identity” to Title IX, the landmark 1972 civil rights law barring sex discrimination in education. It destroys women’s sports.

He mixed up names and titles as he slurred his way through the speech:

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