Democrat Child Sex Trafficking, Collateral Damage for Votes


Biden eliminated DNA tests at the border, so we are getting traffickers coming in with children who are not relatives. They are trafficking these children for labor and sex.

Dr. Phil spoke about it in February, but we’ve known this for three years.

Under President Trump, we had rapid DNA testing that’s been done away with. When the children arrive, we cannot know if the person accompanying them or those we send them to are relatives.

Taxpayers ultimately facilitate the travel, and children are given all the necessities they need, but that could be to assist a trafficker. There’s a very good possibility that they’re being trafficked. That they’re going into the sex industry, or they’re being forced into the sweatshops, and we’re knowingly spending our tax dollars to sell children into this life-destroying industry.

But the administration wants the votes and Hous/Electoral College representation illegal aliens could give them.

Here’s one of the illegal aliens we let in the country. He came to sleep with four 15-year-old boys and brought crystal meth with him. We have many more just like him. This is from UnlimitedL’s on X.

Here’s another illegal the police say killed a 19-year-old driving drunk. We get a lot of drunk drivers. I guess Democrats think we need more than we already have. Where are the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers?

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