Biden can’t say how many Americans were rescued or remain in Afghanistan


The State Department doesn’t know exactly how many Americans are left on the ground, although some estimate between 10,000 and 15,000. They almost certainly face death or imprisonment.

The White House also won’t say how many Americans have been rescued. They are simply taking whoever shows up to various temporary ports.

It is Joe’s Chamberlain moment.

As Albert Mohler reports:

The disaster in Afghanistan just continues to unwind and unfold. And it is a horrifying picture to watch, embarrassing, indeed humiliating for the United States, and downright deadly for those who are now basically under direct threat from the Taliban there in Afghanistan. It is now known that we do not control the Kabul airport to the degree that had been claimed. We now know that there are Americans who can’t get to the airport. We now know that violent means are being used not only in major cities in the countryside outside of Afghanistan’s capital but now inside the capital by the Taliban. This should have been expected. It is absolutely categorically inexcusable for the United States government, and in this case, our commander-in-chief, the president of the United States to fail in such a spectacular way and to continue in obstinance without even the slightest ability to admit the disaster that has come at his hand…

…An astounding cover story this week in The Economist, one of the world’s most influential magazines published in London, the cover story shows four photographs from the airport there in Afghanistan and a blazing headline: “Biden’s Debacle.” Now, this is a media source that has been very, very affirmative of Joe Biden, very much supportive of the Democratic agenda, very much in support of a Biden victory in 2020. But that screaming headline is extremely clear if uncharacteristic, actually, of The Economist to give that kind of vivid art and graphic support to its point. This is Biden’s debacle. He owns it. He rightly owns it. And interestingly, even those who have been his enablers and supporters in the mainstream media are boxed into this situation where they have to affirm that he owns it.

Most experts don’t see any way all the foreigners can be extracted from Afghanistan, much less Afghans who helped us by the deadline Biden agreed to follow as the Taliban terrorists call all the shots.

The Taliban, through direct talks with the U.S. in Kabul, said it wouldn’t recognize any extension, nor would it assure that forces that stay in Afghanistan beyond Aug. 31 wouldn’t be subject to attack.

It is the complete humiliation of the US military, the US government, and NATO.

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